About nv vogt

nv vogt Singapore Pte Ltd is a solar venture promoted by experienced professionals with substantial implementation experience in Europe and Asia. The core beliefs of the company are:

  • Conventional power infrastructure in many emerging markets is unable to cope with the pace of economic development, resulting in severe shortages in grid-supplied power. This situation will only worsen as conventional power sources like coal, gas and diesel become more expensive.
  • In the future, for countries that have land and sun, solar power will be an integral part of the power mix. While solar energy is not yet ready to handle base load, it is well suited to address daytime peak loads.
  • Solar costs have declined substantially in the last few years. In some countries such as India its cost structure has helped it achieve grid parity. In some other countries, while still more expensive than conventional grid power, solar is already more cost-effective than diesel today.
  • Until solar energy achieves grid parity worldwide - expected within the next decade - various governments will provide subsidies to bridge the viability gap. This is driven both by the raw need for more power, as well as the need to support environment-friendly technologies. These policies typically cap the volume of solar power because of their fiscal impact on government budgets.
  • Meanwhile, there are power-intensive industries and distribution utilities that rely heavily on diesel, for whom solar makes a compelling case even today.

We are focused on this market opportunity. Our projects are being developed in India and the Philippines. Over the next two to three years, we plan to expand to other countries in Asia.

Our approach to project development and execution is based on creating value through efficient and elegant technical design combined with financial optimisation. Our engineering partner, ib vogt, has experience in building solar power plants that are optimised for performance, and long-term reliability. Our project finance team is based in Berlin, London and Delhi, and accesses capital markets around the world in order to get the best financing terms. We bring a win-win value proposition to our customers by designing projects that meet their power requirements while maintaining technical and financial balance.

Benefits - nv vogt as your partner


Creating value through efficient and

elegant technical design combined

with financial optimisation.