Your partner for solar power plants in Asia

nv vogt Singapore Pte Ltd is a solar power plant developer. The company is focused on developing, designing, financing, constructing and operating solar power plants in Asia. The founders of nv vogt are pioneers of the solar industry with extensive experience in constructing and operating solar power plants in Europe and Asia. The primary customer for nv vogt is the energy-intensive industry that is being underserved by the grid and is heavily reliant on diesel power.

We invest in our projects ourselves as well as offering a flexible model for co-investors. Our initial focus is on opportunities in India and the Philippines, fully owned subsidiaries are representing nv vogt in both countries. Over time, we plan to expand to additional countries in Asia.

Our Mission

Our objective is to develop a portfolio of solar power plant projects over the next several years that combine excellent engineering with financial optimisation, in order to generate superior returns, both for customers and investors. Technologically, our projects are optimised to minimise LCOE (levelised cost of energy) while maintaining long-term reliability. Financially, we structure our projects to ensure bankability and investment-grade returns.